Karwendel Tour to Birkkarspitze (II)

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img_7346.jpg 2009-06-27: Falkenhütte (1848m) – Ladizalpe (1573m) – Karwendelhaus (1765m) – Hochalmkreuz (2190m) – Karwendelhaus

A rainy day, but otherwise pretty calm and still warm–almost no wind. I started around 9:00 with rainwear, but quickly opened all zips... First I went down the MTB route right below the impressive Lalidererwand, passing a small quarry built in former times out of a "kar" and now used for repairing the track way.

img_7348.jpg img_7350.jpg img_7352 Alpine Salamander img_7356.jpg Short before the Ladizalpe I met Manfredi Salemmi who yesterday arrived at the Falken hut from Schwaz and is walking the Via Alpina from Trieste to Monaco all along this summer: http://via-alpina-2009.blogspot.com/2009/06/falkenhutte-27-giugno.html. Together with Manfred I continued to Karwendelhaus: We left the MTB route (Adlerweg) and took a nice path where Manfread found an Alpine Salamander, then we saw a waterfall to the left and passed a snowfield with a very small crevasse (gletscherspalte). Then, after a rather steep ascent we joined the regular MTB route again and passed the Hochalmsattel (1803m). At approx. 12:00 we arrived at Karwendelhaus (1765m), where Manfred payed me a Kaiserschmarren and Haferl coffee–what I discovered later... Tante grazie, Manfred! Vorrei incontrarti il più presto possibile :-)


Unfortunately, more rain again, but Manfred had to leave because he wanted to reach Scharnitz later the day. I stayed at the hut, waiting for Mieko and Mike to arrive.

img_7369.jpg At 15:30: Hochalmkreuz (2190m). Shortly after leaving the hut you must climb through snow fences, secured with wire ropes. The rock were still wet; thus you have had to pay attention. I saw a herd of chamois, approx. 30, some of them very young; loud talking sporty hikers chased them away... The wächter chamois made an awful noise.

On the top watching how clouds getting formed all over the nearby mountains.

Back in the hut at 19:00 when Mieko and Mike just arrived from Scharnitz, which was an exhausting ascent of about 20km.

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Unknown said...

HI karl, now I'm ready for going to Buchboden, the 8 I must be in Sargans for the meeting whit University.

Grazie del bell' articolo sul tuo blog!!!

Sicuramente ci incontreremo di nuovo.

un abbraccio


-ke- said...

Thanks for feedback, Manfred!

Just 4 and a half days to go until you will meet the research crew of the university! Still a long way, but I'm sure you will manage it. Good luck with the weather–at least, early next thunderstorms are said to stop.

I'm following your blog closely. Cheers,

Unknown said...

I'm waything for you if you come to Italy, remember that mountain-friend are for ever